After just a week of the official launch for OnePlus 8, the company has now announced major redundancies all around Europe. As per sources that are close to this matter, several regional offices in the countries such as France, the UK, as well as Germany have experienced downsizing by almost 80 percent.

This has left a skeletal team of mere 3 people in certain countries. A similar phase was brought in for the teams based in Italy and Spain. However, eventually, they were laid off completely. This was ultimately followed by the massive turnover that happened with the UK staff.

As per the spokesperson for the company, this downsizing is a normal part of the restructuring in the European market. However, it couldn’t be verified as to how many individuals were affected due to this move. No information related to the number of people to be hired under the company’s new plans has been shared.

Prior to this announcement, the company had worldwide employee strength of 2000. More information provided by the spokesperson mentioned that Europe is a strategic market for the company & has been a part of the OnePlus customer base since its start.