Dyson’s plan for manufacturing ventilators for the United Kingdom went down the drain as quickly as it started pending the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has now halted all its planning & efforts after the UK declared that these CoVent breathing machines aren’t required. This statement was confirmed by James Dyson, the founder of the Dyson brand.

He also mentioned that the company wouldn’t be accepting any public finance despite the fact that it had to spend $24.7 Million to initiate this project. However, he also hopes that this ventilator shall be useful for other countries in need that would come ahead with time.

As per reports, the United Kingdom was using a mere quarter of the total number of ventilators available in the country. This means there is a surplus of these breathing machines for the country to use. As of now, the Cabinet Office of the UK government hasn’t decided anything on the use of any latest developed ventilators.

This pause was announced after the certain reported drama with regards to the announcement made in late March by the company. As per sources, this announcement sparked fury amid the PM’s office mentioning that Dyson might have been opting for point scoring only to get some publicity.