The Cowboys haven’t reached the NFC Championship Game since winning their last Super Bowl in 1995. Yet, they remain America’s Team and the World’s Team for that matter.

Nine of the 50 highest-rated sports TV broadcasts in 2018 were regular-season games featuring the Cowboys, according to Forbes. The Patriots were the only other team with more than four games among the top 50.

No team knows how to make money better than the Cowboys.

The magazine estimates that AT&T Stadium generates $340 million in sponsorship and premium seating revenue, twice as much as any other team.

All of that to say, for the fourth consecutive year, Forbes has named the Cowboys the world’s most valuable sports franchise. It marks the 13th consecutive year the Cowboys have led the NFL in value.

The Cowboys have an estimated value of $5 billion, up 4 percent over last year. The Yankees ($4.6 billion), Real Madrid ($4.2 billion) and Barcelona ($4 billion) follow.

More than half of Forbes‘ top-50, though, are NFL teams, each of which received more than $260 million in media-rights deals last year.

Here are the other 25 NFL teams ranked in the top 50 by Forbes and their estimated value: 7. Patriots ($3.8 billion); 10. (tie) Giants ($3.3 billion); 12. (tie) Rams ($3.2 billion); 14. (tie) Redskins ($3.1 billion); 16. 49ers ($3.05 billion); 19. (tie) Bears ($2.9 billion); 21. Jets ($2.85 billion); 22. (tie) Texans ($2.8 billion); 24. Eagles ($2.75 billion); 26. Broncos ($2.65 billion); 27. Packers ($2.63 billion); 28. Falcons ($2.6 billion); 29. Ravens ($2.59 billion); 30. Steelers ($2.59 billion); 31. Seahawks ($2.58 billion); 33. Dolphins ($2.58 billion); 34. Raiders ($2.42 billion); 35. Vikings ($2.4 billion); 36. Colts ($2.38 billion); 38. (tie) Panthers ($2.3 billion); 41. Chargers ($2.28 billion); 46. Cardinals ($2.15 billion); 47. (tie) Chiefs ($2.1 billion); 49. Jaguars ($2.08 billion); 50. Saints ($2.08 billion).


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